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The Poker Forge membership is all about active learning and will give you the knowledge, tools and actionable guidance you need to turn yourself into the winning poker player you want to be. The 7 unique Masterclass Courses guide you in learning and using critical and profitable strategies that work in any format of No Limit Holdem. Through hundreds of strategy videos, quizzes, demonstrations, hand history reviews, downloads and checklists, you'll learn professional strategies that will have you playing winning poker in no time. 


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  • 7 Masterclass Courses

    Each course is designed to build foundational and profitable poker skills. They're delivered in a logical progression that has you strategically turning yourself into the player you want to be.

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    LIVE online Q&A's and workshops will give you direct feedback on the questions that arise as you learn and take action with new strategies.

  • Professional Strategies

    Each useful piece of poker education (video/audio/download) will teach you professional strategies while helping you avoid poker overwhelm.

  • Updates, New Courses

    The Poker Forge is dedicated to giving its members useful and relevant strategies for today's games. Feedback from members often leads to updated or new videos. Plus, new courses will periodically be released (#8 soon!).

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    We firmly believe that "Action is the greatest teacher" so with every strategy you learn, you'll be given tasks to accomplish on- and off-the-felt to solidify the strategies within your skillset.

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Hundreds of happy poker peeps can't be wrong...

Used the focus sessions today to improve my preflop game and table selection.  I actually ran fairly bad but was able to get a very good win rate due to only playing pots in position against fish.

I have had a consistently increasing bb/100 hands win rate from -20bb/100 (over 100K hands last year) to break-even and now I'm at +3.5bb/100 hands over 50K hands.  I wouldn't have been able to do this without a lot of your resources and podcasts!  Very motivating and well done.  Keep up the good work.

Hunter Nielson

Over the last 6 months my poker skills and style has completely changed for the better through the Poker Forge:

- no longer limping (well, almost never)

- the strength of playing in position ("Position is king")

- table and seat selection (aggro players to my right)

- identifying the fish

- using PokerTracker4 - I'm SO good with filters now

- the Smart HUD (my constant friend at all my tables)

- putting villains on ranges (a work in progress for life I guess)

- flop textures and range interactions which leads to identifying good bluffing opportunities (I actually BLUFF now)

- using pot odds and implied odds

- plugging my leaks with PT4

- not being afraid to try new strategies (e.g., CR on the flop with a draw, or even sometimes with nothing when villain cbets 100% of the time)

Steve Diesner

Dude, you are awesome.  I can't thank you enough, without your video on how to use your HUD, I wouldn't be able to make reads like I can.  I mean, I shove in spots I would never shove in without a solid read and I pick up pots!!! Thank you for all your great info!

Mike "DeucesOverTres"

Really enjoying the Poker Forge. Taking one course at a time and applying it to my online play. I can tell this approach is already improving my game. I have been on a few other training sites and yours is definitely superior. Thanks for all of the hard work you put into your site and the affordable price.

William Young

Thanks a lot buddy, I really appreciate it.  In the past month since I've been using your HUD I've been winning at +8bb/100 hands (30K hands).  I'm sure some of that is from running good, but your HUD has been instrumental in many of my decisions.

Chris Baltzer

Thanks for your knowledge!! You are amazing, this is the best place where I can learn poker from the beginning!! 

Damian Wasilewski

Using your style of hand reading, I practiced every day and I have been able to really pinpoint what my opponents have had. The month was a complete success! I love your style of teaching better than any other coach I've used. You are fresh and full of energy and you explain the things that I need explained. I love all the cheat sheets you give us and having to fill them out keeps me focused on one thing at a time instead of trying to learn it all at once.

Greg Thompson

Thanks, Sky! I have been playing over 28.5bb/100 hands since I started this course! 

Alan Pondax

I just recently joined the Poker Forge and I already improved my game a lot! [Stephan shared a graph showing that when he started in the Poker Forge, he was losing at a little under break-even. Now, he's got a steadily rising graph with great profitability.]

I joined and started to study at least 30 minutes a day. I just did your Bread & Butter filtering which was impressive... I just had 172 B&B situations out of 5.3K hands. I'll now go on a B&B Hunt.  Many thanks again and best wishes.

Stephan Eck

You're doing an awesome job with your training site. I am 100% satisfied. I am learning a lot, making new friends and really enjoying the study-side of the game. You have really opened my eyes. The hand reading month was fantastic as I am sure this month will be too. Keep up the good work, man!

Anthony Mandia

Thanks to all your help with the book and podcast, I finally built a $150 bankroll.  I started with $50.  I can say to you that for the first month ever, I have a +8bb/100 hands win rate so far at this new limit for me.

Jean-Pierre Lebeuf

The 7 Courses within the Poker Forge

(Valued at $1,000 total)

Quick Wins Poker Course ($300 value)

Hand Reading Course ($200 value)

Preflop Hand Selection Course ($100 value)

Profitable Cbets Course ($100 value)

Finding the Fold Course ($100 value)

Leak Plugging Course ($100 value)

Poker Math Course ($100 value)

More courses to come...

What is Poker Forge training like?

The 3 videos below are full-length and from different courses.

If you like what you see here, you're going to LOVE the Poker Forge.

Plug Your Leaks

I discuss exactly what poker leaks are, then I help you find and plug your leaks with this 5-step process.

This is from the Leak Plugging Course.

Improve Your Calls

Don't forget: you have options! You can CALL, but you can also FOLD or RAISE.

This is from the Finding the Fold Course.

Test Yourself

Lots of math-related questions in this one. Let's see how well you do.


From the Poker Math Course.


    Monthly Rate




    A savings of $15/month

    Charged on the same date monthly

    7-day Money Back Cancellation Policy

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    A savings of over 44% ($60/quarter)

    Charged on the same date every 3 months

    7-day Money Back Cancellation Policy

    Your subscription will renew automatically, but you can cancel at any time.

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    I'm confident that your membership within the Poker Forge will help you turn yourself into the effective and profitable player you want to be. I want you to share my confidence. If you are not completely satisfied with the membership, just let me know within 7 days of joining and I'll refund 100% of your purchase.

    Sky Matsuhashi

    Creator, Smart Poker Study and the Poker Forge Membership

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