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Learn how to exploit your anonymous opponents to the MAX

The Anonymous Poker Exploits Course

This 7-day Course (9 videos, 3.5 hours of instruction) Will Teach You How to Exploit Your Anonymous Poker Opponents With the Little Information You Have on Them

(Sample Videos Below)

This 7-day FREE email course, with 9 videos and 3.5 hours of instruction, is exactly what you need to become an exploitative monster!


It can be tough to exploit opponents when you have little information on them.


Whether you play on anonymous sites like Ignition or Bovada, or you're a tournament player with constantly rotating opponents, or you're a LIVE player in a new cardroom, information is at a premium.


The Anonymous Poker Exploits Course will teach you how to quickly make reads on every player at the table before you even reach 20 hands with them.


These quick reads will allow you to pull the trigger on chip-earning exploits that you'll also learn within the course. 


And, if your anonymous online site allows for PokerTracker 4, then you'll be able to quickly read your HUD to classify your opponents, tag their player type, understand their frequencies and exploit them for maximum profit.


This 7-day FREE Course is what you've been looking for.


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This is a sample from the Day 1

30-minute video called

"Understanding Anonymous Players"

This is a sample from the Day 2

"Isolating Limpers" Demonstration Video

If you like these samples, you'll LOVE the full course.

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Get the Course FREE!

Learn how to exploit your anonymous opponents to the MAX