Poker Forge, Smart Poker Study - Courses and Products

The Poker Forge Membership

The premier poker training membership where taking action is the key to skill growth and profits

1-Day 3bet Bluffing Course

Turn yourself into the aggressive, preflop pot winning 3bettor you've always wanted to be.

1-Hour Poker Study Workbook

Get your poker studies on track and planned in under an hour with 7 quick and effective lessons

Hand Reading Workbook

Learn poker's #1 skill of hand reading with this highly detailed and effective 95-page workbook with videos & answer key

Flopzilla Pro Course

Learn to use Flopzilla Pro in 6 lessons: analyze your hands, improve your strategies and build hand reading skills

Get More From PokerTracker 4 Course

Over 7 Hours of "Do As You Consume" Video Training to Efficiently Improve Your Skills With PokerTracker 4

Hand Reading Course

Learn Poker's #1 skill of hand reading to improve your in-game decisions and get more out of your study time

Poker Study Boot Camp

30-day course teaching you the most effective poker study techniques to turn yourself into the player you want to be.