Poker Forge, Smart Poker Study - Courses and Products

The Poker Forge Membership

The premier poker training membership where taking action is the key to skill growth and profits

1-Day 3bet Bluffing Course

Turn yourself into the aggressive, preflop pot winning 3bettor you've always wanted to be.

1-Hour Poker Study Workbook

Get your poker studies on track and planned in under an hour with 7 quick and effective lessons

Hand Reading Workbook

Learn poker's #1 skill of hand reading with this highly detailed and effective 95-page workbook with videos & answer key

Flopzilla Pro Course

Learn to use Flopzilla Pro in 6 lessons: analyze your hands, improve your strategies and build hand reading skills

Get More From PokerTracker 4 Course

Over 7 Hours of "Do As You Consume" Video Training to Efficiently Improve Your Skills With PokerTracker 4

Hand Reading Course

Learn Poker's #1 skill of hand reading to improve your in-game decisions and get more out of your study time

HUD Mastery Course

Learn to use your online poker HUD to make perfect reads and craft exploitative plays to win more pots and more $$$

Smart HUD for PokerTracker 4

The Top PokerTracker 4 HUD for exploiting online poker players with perfect reads and pot-earning plays

Poker Study Boot Camp

30-day course teaching you the most effective poker study techniques to turn yourself into the player you want to be.

Quick Wins Poker Course

Quick Wins Poker Course